The Alpha brain waves benefits are generally linked to a relaxed mental state and overall wellbeing, and they show best when these brainwaves rhythm is increased.


The alpha rhythm is dominant in children and younger teenagers, whose minds are quite relaxed, creative and stress-free. Alpha brainwaves have multiple functions in the wake-sleep cycle. These neural oscillations originate in the occipital lobe, mostly during wakeful relaxation with eyes closed. Hence, when a subject is fully relaxed yet awake and keeps his eyes closed, the alpha waves become the dominant waves in the brain, as showed with the EEG. Also, alpha activity is present during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, inversely proportional to REM sleep pressure.


The Alpha brain waves benefits include:


  • complete relaxation of the body,
  • calmness,
  • a clear and peaceful mind,
  • reduced stress, tension and anxiety,
  • the ability to think positively,
  • a better balance between your feelings and your rational intellect, meaning you can think with emotional sensitivity but still remain logical
  • and the ability to increase self awareness.


With alpha brainwaves dominant, you will also benefit from enhanced, above-average creativity levels, from the ability to solve problems more easily, remove mental blocks and think in a more creative manner.


Other Alpha brain waves benefits are good and happy feelings, optimism and positive energy, emotional stability, peace and harmony with ones self and other people, because the alpha activity triggers the production and release of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain, which responsible for your overall wellbeing.


Also, an alpha brainwave boost is associated with a an easy-going state of consciousness, enhancement of attention and far improved learning ability. Furthermore, since the alpha dominant rhythm lowers harmful stress and anxiety, associated with the release of the hormone cortisol and of adrenaline, an increase in the alpha activity boosts your immune system and helps you to fight off diseases.


If you are having trouble relaxing while awake or have a general bad mood, then chances are that your alpha brainwaves are, more often than not, deficient, and you need to boost their activity. Therefore, to make the most of the alpha brain waves benefits, you can turn to meditation, yoga, Pilates, saunas or deep breathing to give you a boost and help you achieve a relaxed and peaceful state of mind.