If you want to know everything about Onnit, Alpha Brain review sites will help you clear out all your questions and doubts. No matter what review you read, you will discover that this is a reliable brand, offering efficient supplements containing safe, natural ingredients.


Onnit Labs have become more and more popular due to Alpha Brain and Joe Rogan, who talked about this brain supplement on his podcast. Also, most customers’ reviews show there are plenty advantages to this product and they truly recommend it for those who want to improve their mental activity by using a safe product, without side-effects.


What is Alpha Brain?


This is a product that promises to offer mental clarity. It is a cognitive enhancer and a fully balanced nootropic. In other words, Alpha Brain is a smart drug which proves to be highly efficient in increasing the activity of your brain and clearing away mental fog. Most Onnit Alpha Brain review writers state that this unique formula actually works as long as all the instructions regarding usage and dosage are followed.


What are the ingredients?


Alpha Brain is a natural product, made of essential components that will keep your brain focused and calm, making it work better. It contains:


AC-11, which is highly appreciated for its antioxidant and DNA repair properties;

Alpha GPC, to ensure mental speed;

Vinpocetine, to help oxygen and nutrients get to your brain easily;

Phosphatidylserine, a lipid compound;

L-Tyrosine, an amino-acid essential for the production of Dopamine;

Vitamin B-6;

Oat Straw, an anti-stress nutrient.


How does it work?


This combination of elements will enhance memory and focus, as well as REM sleep cycles. Morevoer, Onnit Alpha Brain review sites also say it increases athletic performance and your overall health state.


It is recommended to take one capsule a day in the morning, for the first three weeks, and then 2 capsules a day. The maximum dosage recommended is 3 capsules a day, if your body is strong enough to tolerate it, but make sure you consult your physician about it first.


Any Drawbacks?


Of course, this is not a magic pill, so the effects can not be seen right away. Patience and perseverance in using this supplement will be rewarded with astonishing results after a while, as the body needs some time to adapt and react consequently.


Bottom Line


As any other Onnit Alpha Brain review you can find states, buying this product is indeed a very smart investment, so dont hesitate to try it out.